Earnings Disclosure

Hi. Gene Young here. I firmly believe in full transparency in everything I do on the Male Value website.

So in my earnings disclosure, I am disclosing the affiliate partners I have teamed up with and how I receive an affiliate commission for the purchases you make.

I sometimes promote affiliate products in my articles. 

My affiliate partner: eHarmony

What do I mean by an affiliate partner?

Basically, if you click on an affiliate link in that article and end up buying one of their products, I will receive a commission from that sale.

Note that my commission adds NO additional cost to you.

I only promote products that I have thoroughly researched and truly feel could bring value to you.

Male value has been a labor of love for me and to maintain its growth, there are costs involved in maintaining the site.

Along with advertising, affiliate partners are channels through which my website can generate revenue.


Gene Young