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When you’re old and reflecting on your life… would you rather walk off knowing you did your best, or regret something you’ve not done? The choice is yours to make.

The world is an incredible, beautiful place… make sure to enjoy every moment.

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“Only By Understanding Oneself, Can You Amplify Your Individuality and Work on Shortcomings”


There’s a saying I firmly believe in:

“All it takes is 30 seconds of courage”

Get Her To Chase You Over Text With These 3 Irresistible Texts

As we live in a digital-based world, the skill of conversation has developed, especially on how to get her to chase you over text. Texting has become a vital part of the way we keep our relationships and develop new ones. This in-depth guide exposes you to the intricate tactics of how to get her…

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Top 10 Best Online Dating Sites For 2021

Dating is never easy – from the approach, to building rapport, to winning her heart. Coupled with the global pandemic, it only makes finding a partner even harder.  Common meeting places – bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are no longer what they used to be.  But does that mean all hope for finding a relationship is…

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EliteSingles Review 2021 – Best For Working Professionals

Why Choose EliteSingles? Learning, working, and dating are three aspects of a person’s lifestyle that do not complement one another.  You often hear people complain about lacking the time to date while in school and afterward when pursuing their careers. The primary issue is that the day-to-day of a working adult spans from 9 a.m….

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EHarmony Review 2021 – Best for Serious Relationships

Why Choose eHarmony? To find someone serious to get into a relationship; is becoming tougher nowadays.  We are more concerned about our jobs, having fun, finding flings, and any other activity except serious dating.  The real reason is commitment, as dating simply takes too much out of you! There’s just no time to allocate the…

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16 Tips When Dating Online to Actually Find Success

Dating isn’t what it used to be, thanks to dating online gaining traction in recent years.  From getting matched, to having a conversation, to finally meeting in person for the first time. While there’s still a social stigma attached to dating online, we can’t deny that it has become one of the best ways to…

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10 Insane Tips To Make Girls Chase You

We often hear people say the “fun is in the chase”. But what if you’re always the one doing the one-sided chasing. Well… that’s only true when you actually get the girl.  Do you find yourself pursuing the girl you like, only to face rejection? When that happens, the chasing doesn’t feel like fun anymore,…

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