Make Girls Chase You

10 Insane Tips To Make Girls Chase You

We often hear people say “Fun is in the chase”.

But what if you’re always the one doing the one-sided chasing?

Well… that’s only true when you get the girl. 

Do you find yourself pursuing the girl you like, only to face rejection?

When that happens, the chasing doesn’t feel like fun anymore, is it?

What if I tell you, you can make girls chase you for a change?

If you think that’s a far-fetched dream, that’s where you’re very wrong.

There are certain things you can do to stand out from other guys.

Here’s what you can do to capture her attention and make girls chase you.

Make it a point to portray a great impression. Prioritize other aspects of your life, but give her your full attention when together. Never reveal your intent but reel her in by keeping her interest. Stop all signs of desperation to distinguish yourself, and make girls chase you.

10 Ways To Make Girls Chase You

You might be wondering what’s the formula to make girls chase you.

The reality is, girls, take notice of many things in a guy.

Check out this read to find out what it takes to get girls to notice you.

Nail a couple of traits, and present a full package to capture her full attention.

Here are 10 ways you can use to make girls chase you.

1. Make a Great First Impression

pexels andrea piacquadio 3771089 | Male Value

Ever seen a deodorant commercial, where the guy sprays a muskier spray.

And walks on the streets, women drop everything and chase after him? 

Now, of course, that’s an exaggeration but the basic idea is there. 

Present yourself in such a way that you become irresistible to make girls chase you.

And this begins with making a great first impression. 

Many guys screw up their first impression and any chances with the girl.

How is that? By being fidgety and awkward around the girl.

It’s imperative to present yourself with confidence and be secure to make girls chase you.

Dress to kill, smell great, and make a statement with your personality. 

This will surely turn heads and etch a great first impression for the ladies.

Make them keen and you’ll be on your way to make girls chase you. 

2. Socialize With Her Social Circle

Sources suggest that our social network plays a huge role in our everyday decision-making process. 

Even seemingly insignificant choices like what to eat are largely based upon what our friends say.

If they share that a restaurant serves great food, you’ll be more inclined to try it.

So you can only imagine what kind of impact a girl’s social circle can have on her potential date.

If matters such as what to eat can be influenced, not to say more significant choices of choosing a date.

To make girls chase you, you need to first understand that girls can and will be influenced by what their friends think about the guy. 

After all, girls, in general, tend to exchange and consult each other’s opinions.

To make girls chase you, you need to socialize with her social circle. 

Try to make her friends, your friends. 

Doing so will bring you two key advantages. 

  1. Your presence when you’re in a group will attract her attention. 
  2. When you’re not present, you will become a part of their conversation. 

Make a positive impression with her friends, so they’ll only have good things to say.

And from there, her social circle will become your best advocate.

Her impression will also get better, as she hears good things about you.

This is a surefire and effective manner to make girls chase you. 

3. Get Busy With Your Life

pexels toa heftiba sinca 1194412 | Male Value

You won’t chase after something always available to you. 

It’s sad but it’s true… that’s how we humans are programmed.

We tend to take things that come easily for granted. 

To make girls chase you, you need to first establish distance.

And the best way to do this is to get busy with your own life. 

Don’t be the guy who fawns over the girl and is at their beck and call.

If you’re always there, she’ll never realize your importance.

To make girls chase you, lead your own life, be self-sufficient, and have your pursuits!

Only when a girl feels your absence, will she start to crave it.

And when she does approach you, don’t drop what you already have.

Not to say you should play hard to get… but pay heed to your priorities. 

Text her back only when you’re free, and pick up calls only when you can.

The less you satisfy her craving for attention, the harder she’ll want it.

But this is a thin line that you should tread carefully. 

Don’t make it seem as though you’re not interested.

When a girl takes the initiative, that’s already a big step forward. 

Overdoing it and neglecting her will make her feel humiliated. 

If you do care about her, you need to reel her in. 

It all comes down to the game of push and pull on each other’s heartstrings.

Lead a life of your own, don’t be the one who loses all individuality. 

And soon enough, you’ll be on your way to make girls chase you.

4. Give Her Attention Where It Counts

The bottom line is – Play hard to get, but not impossible to get. 

Once she does reach out to you, make sure to give her your full attention. 

When she’s spending time with you, and you’re not paying attention. 

It’ll come across as you’re uninterested, and indirectly pushing her away.

How will you make girls chase you if you come across as someone who’s not serious?

Carve an impression by making time spent fun and enjoyable.

Bring your A-game by asking questions, listening, and teasing her.

The whole idea is to make time spent with you a luxury. 

The important thing is to give her attention where it counts.

Here are 18 more tips you can use on dates to make her like you.

Build in her the mindset that you’re not a readily available man.

But once she’s with you, she’s bound to have a great time. 

This is the sweet spot, and you’ll start to make girls chase you.

Is it easy to accomplish this? Heck no, it’s tough.

But once you do, you’ll notice something magical. 

The girl in question will put in more effort, and actively engage with you.

And this is what it takes, to make girls chase you.

5. Keep Her Interest Open

theo rql a4pyoiTdSqI unsplash | Male Value

Let me ask you this…

Would you be interested in a story that you already know it’s ending?

Likewise, when it comes to attraction, a girl will not put in the effort if she knows you fancy her.

And for this, you can’t blame the girl.

We can only blame ourselves for making our interests so painfully obvious.

That leads us to the point of keeping her interest open.

Even when you’re bringing the A-game, retain an aura of mystery.

Never reveal your interest too early if you want to make girls chase you.

Give subtle hints to keep her interest but don’t make it too obvious.

To make girls chase you, keep them guessing about your intentions towards her. 

At the same time, avoid actions that might make her think of you as a non-romantic partner. 

If she feels that you only see her as her friend, she won’t pursue any further.

Here are some ways you can use to keep her interest open: 

  1. Make her feel like she’s the special one

But never express your interest verbally. 

Doing so will force her to contemplate your intentions. 

She’ll be at a loss and often wonder if you see her as someone more.

  1. Flirt with her. Give her compliments about a new dress or haircut

Compliments show that you’re a man who notices the little details.

Someone who’s not shy to speak his mind, and knows how to make a lady happy.

  1. Small and subtle gestures of care 

Go above and beyond and do stuff for her that you’ll not do for just anyone.

Drop by to give her favorite cupcake during lunch break. 

Subtle gestures like these will make her wonder and second-guess herself.

She’ll be dying to know if your acts of care are just friends or if you see her as someone special.

Keeping her interest open is one of the best ways to make girls chase you.

6. The Guts To Refute Her 

Let’s take a step back to think…  

If a girl has tons of guys chasing after her, why would she chase after you? 

The answer is because you’re different from the other guys.

You often hear guys pleasing the girl and trying their best to make her happy. 

But rarely you’ll hear guys having the guts to refute the girl.

A simple two-letter word can make all the difference to stand out from the rest. 

Girls are used to having guys please them. 

That has become the sad truth because most guys will give an arm and leg just to please the girl.

They mistakenly think that if they don’t refute, she’ll be pleased with them. 

Agreeing with everything she says and will never say NO to anything.

Now imagine a guy having the guts to say NO to her. 

She might get shut down, but won’t that be a breath of fresh air?

Somewhere deep in the woman’s mind, sleeps a little girl.

A child who craves and wants something she can’t have. 

If you’re a man who has the guts to say NO, she’ll crave for you more.

She’ll want your approval and attention on her, and no one else.

By saying NO, that’s how you can make girls chase you. 

7. Power of Physical Touch

pexels andrea piacquadio 3764168 | Male Value

You can’t neglect the power of physical touch when it comes to flirting. 

Compliments are great, but the touch is even better.

But mastering physical touch is tricky. 

It has the steepest learning curve out of all acts of flirting. Why is that?

If you’re too aggressive, she might get uncomfortable. 

But if you’re too conservative, you’ll come off as cold and distant.

This is exactly why most guys are afraid to explore the power of touch.

To make girls chase you, you need to find the perfect balance for physical touch to work.

If done well, the right touch at the right moment can be very powerful.

You need to learn to observe the situation and make your touch count.

Restraint is often your biggest enemy.

Often, guys might get anxious and make the touch come off as awkward. 

Start small and ramp up as she gets more comfortable with you.

Subtle touches like caressing her shoulder, or touching her fingers. 

Those are safe gestures to bet on, as you slowly increase intimacy. 

When she becomes comfortable, hold her waist or even grab her hand.

Heck, you can even go in for the kiss if you set the mood right.

If executed well, you’ll be on your way to make girls chase you.

8. Don’t Reveal All Your Cards

During the chase, the guy often goes all out to please the girl.

But just imagine this… are you able to give your 100% all the time?

No matter how much you want the girl, it’s unrealistic.

Reveal all your cards at the get-go, and there will be no more surprises to uncover.

You give your best and what’s the result? 

The girl gets bored of you after 2-3 weeks into the chase.

If you want to make girls chase you, keep an element of surprise.

Don’t show off too early as you’ll become an open book. 

You’ll quickly become boring and she’ll lose any remaining interest in you.

Let her realize something new even after a few months of chatting.

You two might have been talking, and one day you whip up a feast for her.

This will catch her by surprise as she never knew you could cook.

The element of surprise is the way if you want to keep her interest alive.

Retain some tricks up your sleeve to keep her anticipating more.

You’ll make the interaction fresh and interesting for you and her.

She’ll never know what to expect as you surprise her left, right, and center.

By keeping her on her toes, you’ll make her craving for more. 

When that happens, to make girls chase you is no longer a far-fetched dream. 

9. Show That You Have Options

pexels andrea piacquadio 905336 | Male Value

Studies suggest that humans are competitive to the point of obsession.

We tend to work harder for things that are not readily available to us.

So what does this mean?

The competition will often lead to the girl putting in more effort.  

If your girl knows other girls are also interested, she’ll be more initiative.

She will want to win against the competition and win your attention.

This is not to say you’re to be a full-blown player on the field. 

But make it known that other girls are also interested in you. 

I need to make it clear… it’s not to make your girl jealous.

That’s childish and if you do that, you’ll be pushing her away.

The key is to not revolve around her. 

To make girls chase you, don’t make her your whole world while you two are just dating.

The idea is to let her know she’s not the only one that deserves your attention.

And if she’s not careful, she’ll end up losing you. 

Healthy competition is good to ensure that she doesn’t take you for granted.

She needs to put in more effort and that’s how you make girls chase you.

10. Let Her Take The Lead

Chasing and pursuit have always been thought of as a man’s job.

This gender stereotype is embedded deep in our genes.

“You’re a man so you should make the first move” 

“You’re a girl, you’ll be seen as a slut if you’re too easy!”

If you want to turn it around and make girls chase you, let her take the lead.

Drop the mindset that you as a man need to do the chasing every time.

Don’t put her on a pedestal, women hate that. 

She’s as capable as any man, and sometimes even more so.

When you treat her as an equal, she’ll take notice of that.

And she’ll lose any inhibitions to wait for you to approach her.

If she likes you, she’ll need to make her feelings known. 

She’ll come to realize that with you, she needs to take the initiative.

Be calm and composed. If she doesn’t act, you won’t too.

Make it known she needs to put in the effort, and that’s how you’ll make girls chase you.

5 More Insane Tips To Make Girls Chase You

11. The Art of Subtle Pursuit

Mastering subtle pursuit is probably one of the most important ways of learning how to get a woman to chase you.

This means that you should be interested in the person but at the same time keep a certain level of detachment.

Spend adequate time with her to keep her engaged in the connection but not too much so that she gets bored.

This not only makes her curious but also positions you to be the prize, which she has to actively pursue.

12. Flip the Dynamic

If you are interested in how to turn the tables and make her chase you, you need to make some tweaks in your interaction to reverse the roles.

Do not text or call her first; instead, let her be the one to text or call you.

Letting her take the first step may force her to appreciate your company and perhaps even compete for your attention, which alters the relationship dynamics.

13. Increase Your Value

To effectively make her chase you in a relationship, the best thing would be to ensure that you raise your value in her eyes.

Engage in activities that enhance your self-esteem and expand your social network of friends.

The more glamorous and joyful your life appears to be, the more she will want to be part of it.

This approach not only makes you more attractive but also more desirable as a partner.

14. How to Use the Friend Zone Effectively

The interesting thing to note is that the friend zone can be used to your advantage.

Friendzone her to make her chase you by being close to her and make her think that you truly value her as just friends.

This makes you look aloof and alters the dynamics of the relationship.

As you deepen your friendship with her, she may start to develop feelings for you and start regretting not being in a romantic relationship with you.

15. Keep Her Guessing

The secret of how to get her to chase you is to make her uncertain about your feelings and intentions towards her.

Be flirtatious and sexual but do not overdo it to prove that you are interested emotionally.

This strategy makes her alert and makes her always wonder what you feel about her, placing her in a situation that may push her to chase you harder.

1 thing That’ll Ruin All Chances Of Her Chasing You

So far, we’ve been talking about things you can do to make a girl chase you. 

But is it so simple? HELL NO

These are a series of actions you can take to increase your chances.

To make girls chase you for a change instead of you doing the chasing.

But there’s one single trait that’ll blow all your chances.

If you have this trait in you, don’t even think you can make girls chase you.

Heck… they’ll see you and turn tail to run in an instant.

Signs of Desperation 

rsz shutterstock 156397121 | Male Value

If you are showing any form of desperation.

Be it being overly eager, uptight, or making your intentions too obvious. 

If your single objective is to nail the girl, you can kiss your chances goodbye. 

Girls are highly sensitive creatures.

She can smell desperation in a guy when he’s a mile away. 

 If you want to make girls chase you, maintain composure, and be relaxed.

Your goal should not be one-dimensional – to get her in bed.

Rather, approach with the mindset to know her better and evaluate your options.

Desperation turns girls off and you can never make a comeback from that.

Self-restraint, on the other hand, makes you irresistible.

If you want to make girls chase you, have some self-control.

To get her, or to scare her off… the choice is painfully obvious.

More Dating Tips & Tricks To Get The Girl

Getting the girl to fall for you can be straightforward, but there are a lot of things you need to get right. Use these articles to further up your dating game:

To Sum It Up 

To see a girl chasing a guy is still something out of the norm.

The fear of rejection, and gossip, all discourage a girl from initiating. 

Coupled with the fact that she’s unsure of your feelings. Will make it even harder for her to make the first step.

But having the potential to make girls chase you. As far-fetched as it may sound, it’s still possible.

So there you have it! Our tips on how to make girls chase you.

When utilized together with the tips outlined above, these strategies set the stage so that the girls are compelled to chase you.

These strategies are not about simply being elusive; they are about becoming a person to whom others are naturally drawn towards.

The aim of it is to build a relationship that will be mutually satisfying and emotionally rewarding for both of you.

Don’t make your intentions plain as day, and learn to show control.

The most important thing is to be different from the herd so you’ll stand out. Present yourself as a challenge, and you’re good to go.

Of course, you can’t expect every single girl you meet to take the initiative. But being different gives you an edge that most guys do not have.

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