Girl To Like You

How To Get The Girl To Like You – 18 Mind-Blowing Tips

When meeting someone new, novelty spikes. But the girl does not remain interested for long. 

This is the typical scene for most guys out there. 

If that’s you, you’ve probably wondered how to get a girl to like you?

It’s such a common question because girls are perceived as hard to please.

And to get the girl to like you is an impossible task.

You’re sick of messing up a good opportunity. And you don’t want the next girl to be “Another one who got away.”

So that said, how do you get the girl to like you?

Treat her like any other girl. Be a confident individual who’s clear about what he wants. Your intentions need to be clear for her to view you as a potential date. Let her realize she needs to put in the effort and you’ll get the girl to like you.

We’ll be discussing the mindset you should adopt. From getting her to notice, the traits to have, body language.

And finally, the actions that will get the girl to like you.

Getting A Girl To Like You

Getting a girl to like you is the first step to getting a girlfriend. 

At the same time, it is also something most guys struggle with!

This guide covers all you need to know.

Here are 18 insider tips on how to make a girl like you… and get you the girl of your dreams!

Right Mentality – To Get The Girl To Like You 

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Have you ever met this girl, and thought to yourself… I would never get a chance with her. 

She’s too popular, too beautiful to even pay attention to me. 

Fueled by negativity, you still try your best to get her to notice. 

You treat her differently from any other girl, hold her high on a pedestal, and go out of your way for her. 

What’s the result? She hardly even notices you, much less develops feelings for you. 

The biggest mistake is to categorize the girl as someone different. 

Because you are attracted to them, you believe extra steps must be taken to get the girl to like you.

That is anything but far from the truth. 

Ask yourself… What makes you like someone? 

  • Is it their looks? 
  • Is it their personality? 
  • Is it how well they can connect with you?

You’ll realize that deep down, everyone has similar benchmarks when it comes to determining who they like. 

It’s about how you can bring out the best version of yourself.

And knowing how to channel your charm to her properly.

Getting Her To Notice You

For a girl to like you, it starts with getting her to notice you. 

If she does not even pay heed to your existence. You can be sure getting the girl to like you is nothing but a dream. 

But not to worry, we got you covered!

Here are our tips on how you can get her to notice you

1. Become Independent

Before you want a girl to like you, make sure you can manage your own life. 

You need to be the one in control, with a clear goal and direction. 

Girls perceive independence and stability as sexy traits that a guy should have. 

Instead of being a disoriented mess, a stable guy who has his life sorted out provides her with security. 

To be truly attractive, have your own life by working on yourself!

Doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to get in a relationship or get the girl to like you.

If your life is a mess, everything will fall apart in due time. 

Girls absolutely adore self-sufficient men. 

So take control of your own life to feel empowered from within. 

Learn to be a contented and self-reliant man, if you want to attract girls around you.

So get your act together! 

Work hard on yourself and soon enough, you will get the girl to like you.

2. Pursue a Passion

pexels ksenia chernaya 3952052 | Male Value

This is an interesting one but is often forgotten. 

Most guys downplay the effectiveness of pursuing a passion.

The reason being, they can’t draw a connection between passion and attraction. 

Fact is, having a passion that you’re committed to, makes one so much more interesting.

Your hobby can be anything you have a passion for. But make sure it’s something you absolutely love. 

Your hobby needs to be fueled by real passion and you’re determined to work on it. 

The more you work on it, the more you’ll improve. 

When you’re passionate about something, the girl will take notice. 

There’s an irrefutable charm about a guy with an intense passion and doing something he loves.

It can be cycling, reading, cooking, drawing, or playing an instrument.

Really, anything that will ignite a flame in you. 

Careful not to fake it though, as the girl will know when passion is forced. 

Be true to yourself, that’s the best way to get the girl to like you.

3. Be Confident In Yourself

A confident man is an attractive man. That is an irrefutable fact. 

No woman on earth fancies a self-doubting man. 

Start by learning about yourself if you want a girl to like you.

To be self-aware and knowing what makes you insecure. 

Confidence is not something that can be built in a single day. 

It’s good to seek change. But it’s a process that takes time and effort. 

Luckily, it’s not as difficult as you might think!

Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone has their own unique points and so do you. 

Comparing and devaluing yourself will lead to a huge drop in attractiveness. 

The key is to recognize where you’re proficient and what you’re lacking. 

Highlight those strengths and work on the flaws that you have.

Take baby steps if you have to.

“A step forward is always better than to take a step back.” 
– Gene Young

Work on yourself and soon enough, you’ll be confident in your own skin.

Becoming more confident with your words and actions.

That’s a surefire way to get a girl to like you.

4. Work On Your Body Language

pexels andrea piacquadio 840916 | Male Value

Your posture is a direct reflection of yourself. It’s a big part of how you present yourself to the girl. 

Good posture makes you seem taller with a dominating presence when you walk up to the girl.

Stand upright with your head high, and you’ll exude an air of confidence that women find sexy.

The best part, this is something so darn easy to do! 

Standing upright also makes you more confident in your approach.

So stand tall and shave away all the securities you’re feeling. 

If you slouch, you’ll appear to be not interested and detached from the girl. 

That is one thing you must avoid to get a girl to like you.

5. Proper Grooming And Dress Well

The number one tip to instantly make a girl attracted, is proper grooming. 

Sources have shown that androstenol, the scent produced by fresh male sweat, is attractive to females.

Not to say you have to work up a sweat every single time you meet a girl. 

It’s referring to the natural scent that a guy possesses. 

Go take a shower, thoroughly clean yourself, apply deodorant. Keep yourself clean and proper. 

You don’t have to smother yourself with a bottle of cologne. 

But you have to make sure you smell presentable.

That’s all it takes to smell great!

Aside from personal grooming, make sure to dress to impress. 

Find a style that suits you and dress accordingly. 

You can be the gentleman, the rugged, the metrosexual. 

As long as the style is to your liking and fits your personality. 

Smell good, dress to impress and you’re on your way to make a memorable first impression.

6. Know What You Want

pexels orione conceicao 2983449 | Male Value

This is not a question most guys will ask themselves. Especially if they don’t have much experience with girls.

Does the answer really matter? Heck yeah, it does.

Before you make a move on any girl, it’s important to know what you really want out of this.

The way you approach, how you build the connection, as well as how to get a girl to like you. 

All are variables that depend on what you want.

So… it’s VERY important to figure what you want from the start.

Are you looking for a date with no strings attached? 

Do you want a relationship that’ll last? Or to find a girl to commit to? 

Or maybe, you’ve no idea and just going with the flow?

If you’re just looking for a friend, then this is a redundant question. 

But if you’re looking for an intimate relationship, this is one answer you must know.

The answer dictates your actions and thoughts. So be clear on what you want. 

Only with clarity, will the girl know your intentions.

Aside from the tips above, here are 6 additional tips for the girl to take notice of you.

Qualities That’ll Get a Girl To Like You 

There’s more to getting a girl to like you than gaining their attention. 

It’s not so simple where you just get them to notice and they’re yours.

It’s equally important to possess the qualities that she is looking for. 

This is what brings depth to the interaction and what the girl finds most attractive.

Here’re the important qualities a guy needs to possess, to get a girl to like him:

7. Dare To Initiate and Take Charge

Girls love it when a man takes charge. Yes, even for an alpha female.

Be the first to hold her hand, ask her out, or even initiate to kiss her. 

Be bold and don’t hesitate to show your interest in her. Hesitation is what kills attraction for a girl.

The reason is simple… If you are to hesitate when it comes to love, how will you lead her?

If you want a girl to like you, dare to initiate and fight for your love. 

It not only shows that you possess a strong personality. Also shows that you’re brave enough to take the first step.

If you’re able to do that, a girl will feel safe with you. 

Knowing that she can rely on you no matter what comes her way.

However, understand that taking charge does not mean you overpower her at every opportunity.

Let her take the stage when appropriate. Knowing when to take charge is more important than the actual act itself.

If you’re too overpowering, she will feel that you’re neglecting her feelings. 

8. Act Like a Lover, Not a Friend

pexels guiverg 2612974 | Male Value

Most guys make the mistake of treating her in a neutral way.

Think about it… you want the girl to like you.

But focusing on having a neutral but safe conversation so as not to raise any red flags. 

The belief is that by chatting, interacting every day, you will get the girl to like you.

This is one of the biggest mistakes a guy can make! 

Do you realize what you’re actively doing to yourself? 

You’re trying to get yourself friendzoned right off the bat.

An attractive girl will probably have tons of experience dealing with such an approach from guys. 

Even if she doesn’t, this approach will only bore her. You’re not bringing anything new to the interaction.

Don’t make the same mistake that most guys are doing. 

If you are interested, treat her like a potential lover, instead of treating her like a friend. 

A handful of guys can spark interest with the girl from their first interaction. 

This is because they don’t treat the girl as a friend! 

Be daring when it comes to creating romance and igniting the passion between you two. 

Let it be known that you want her as your date if you want a girl to like you.

And not to be categorized as another guy friend. 

9. Being Attentive Of Her Likes

Big gestures are great. But little details are the ones with the most impact.

When you converse with a girl, she’s bound to share her likes and dislikes. 

Those little quirks that appeal to her and what turns her off. 

Be the guy that remembers all the details and uses them to your advantage.

Does she like the color blue? Does she like the smell of fresh flowers?

Get her a bouquet of blue roses to surprise her. 

It’s the little things that make a potential date stand out from the average guy.

Learn the small details about her if you’re serious about her. 

Once you know her likes, it will be a cinch to impress her.

Impress her with a date at her favorite restaurant. Or bring her to the musical she’s been dying to go. 

Get a girl to like you by melting her heart bit by bit. And make an impact where it matters the most.  

10. Willing To Ask Her For “Help”

pexels rodnae productions 5531226 | Male Value

Women have a nurturing side ingrained in them. 

When you do ask her for help, and she does it willingly. It will get the girl to like you a little more. 

This is a secret tip that ties into a woman’s psychology. Just ask her to help you with something. 

You might be wondering to yourself… How does that work? 

When we think for people, we are programmed to think we are doing it because the person matters to us. 

Only when the person matters, will we put in the effort.

It can be as simple as lending a helping hand and doesn’t have to be anything big. 

This is known as the Benjamin Franklin effect.

A cognitive bias causes people to like someone more after they do that person a favor. 

Especially if they previously disliked or felt neutral toward them.

Simple things like getting her to pass you something, small errands. 

These are little acts that will add up to give this effect. 

Of course, make sure to use this technique sparingly. Or else the girl might suspect something amiss.

11. Affirm Your Words and Actions

As discussed, women are seeking a man they can rely on. A man who will be there when things get tough.

You need to be affirmative when it comes to your words and actions. 

If you say something, make sure to mean it. Back up your words with your actions to make them count.

It’s actually pretty simple… be confident of what you say and do.

Do not give in to doubt when you’re questioned. 

When you do something, make sure that you are firm in your stand. 

At the start, try not to divulge too much of your inner doubts to the girl.

Even if she’s sharing her problems with you. 

It’s alright to do so when she’s closer. But revealing it early on is a sign of weakness. 

You do not want to be vulnerable when you’re trying to get a girl to like you.

Actions To Get a Girl To Like You

Having the qualities of a man she is looking for is important. 

But you won’t be able to showcase your attractive traits if you don’t take action. 

Your charming qualities will take time to reveal themselves to the girl. 

The mistake is to remain neutral and wait for the day she sees the good.

If you do not act, you are leaving it to chance. Only when you take action, can you guarantee a result?

Here are the actions you need to take, to get a girl to like you:

12. Ask Her Out

pexels josh willink 1690732 | Male Value

This is probably a no-brainer. But it’s imperative to ask the girl out for a date. 

If you like her, don’t hesitate when it comes to asking her out. 

A good timeline to follow would be to ask her out within 1-2 weeks.

Don’t hold yourself back with reservations.

Such as “Isn’t it too fast? What if she turns me down?” 

This is a common mentality that guys have. It gives them cold feet when it comes to asking the girl out. 

Well here’s the cold hard truth… if you do not ask her out, another guy will. 

She is not restricted to only having you as a date.

A girl usually has a ton of options and it’s up to you to outshine the competition. 

Well, guess what? The first step would be to ask her out! 

Only when you two are together, can you build intimacy and establish a connection.

Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you. 

If you don’t take this step, nothing will happen between you two.

13. Tease and Flirt With Her

What differentiates a neutral friendship and a potential relationship?

There’s only one answer.

The latter has sexual tension which a normal friendship does not.

So how do you build up sexual tension with a girl? 

If you want a girl to like you, have the guts to tease and flirt with her.

Most guys keep to their best behavior when they are with a girl they like. 

They are afraid of saying the wrong things and offending her.

The last thing he wants is for the girl to think that he’s not such a nice guy after all.

By doing this, yes she might see you as a nice guy and a good friend.

But you will not be a potential lover!

You are not piquing her interest, and you’re not standing out from the rest. 

She’s not going to want to kiss you or to start a relationship with you.

To get a girl to like you, be bold enough to tease and flirt with her. 

It adds a new layer of fun and flavor to the interaction.

14. Hold Her Interest Through Text

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Wouldn’t you wish to just spend every day with the girl you like?

To spend time alone and getting closer?

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works in real life. Everyone has their busy schedules to keep up. 

Be it school, work, social life, or responsibilities, there’s not much time for dates.

How do you make sure that the attraction you’ve built does not fizzle away?

You need another method to connect with her, and that will be through texting. 

I’m not saying to text her periodically to ask about her day. 

That’s boring… What you need is to hold her interest through your text messages!

To get a girl to like you, hold her attraction with texts.

So that attraction will still be present, the next time you meet her in person.

No matter how great of an impression you made, it’ll fade into memory if not reinforced. 

Keep your messages light, fun, and playful. 

Here are 7 ways you can keep her interest through texting.

Make it such that it’s enjoyable to chat with you and make her crave for the next meet-up.

15. Do Not Hover, Give Her Space 

Most guys make the mistake of thinking that it’s best to revolve around her.

Being around her to get the girl to like you.

They try all methods to bump into her, ask her out every two days, and make their presence known. 

Ask yourself this… Will you have any anticipation knowing something is bound to happen? Probably not.

This follows the principle where having too much is not necessarily a good thing. 

By always hovering around her, you’re not giving her the space she needs!

She has to lead her own life, and so do you. 

Making yourself always available may seem like a good idea. 

But you’re only giving her a chance to take you for granted.

Create some distance and give her space to get the girl to like you.

The distance will make her yearn for you and the times spent together.  

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

16. Overcome The Touch Barrier 

pexels gabriel bastelli 1759823 | Male Value

Many guys can’t bring themselves to touch the girl due to many reasons.

  1. What if she gets uncomfortable?
  2. What if she thinks I’m a creep?
  3. What if she gets offended and does not want to see me again?

These are the many “what if’s” that cross a guy’s mind when they are thinking of touching the girl. 

The thing is, touch can be established without any sexual intention. 

A pat on the back, leaning in closer so that your shoulders touch, bumping into her arm. 

All these are acts that have zero sexual intentions.

If you want the girl to like you, you need to establish touch naturally. 

Make it seem like the act is something that flows naturally. So that you won’t raise any red flags from her. 

Why do you need to establish touch? 

That’s because touching is a sign of being comfortable with a person. 

It brings the two of you closer and builds intimacy. 

Then again, this is highly situational and will not work on a more conservative girl. 

You need to gauge the situation for yourself and determine if touching is appropriate for the girl. 

17. Use the push-pull Technique  

I believe everyone knows of the push-pull technique. 

It’s so widely spread that it’s rare for someone not to have even heard of it.

The thing is, most people know what it is. But have absolutely no clue how to execute it correctly!

The common notion that everyone knows is: 

Pushing a girl, to show you’re not interested. Pulling a girl, to show that you like her.

Fact is, it is not as simple as it seems. 

If you execute it wrongly, the girl will think that you are unsure and just toying with her feelings.

When you push, what you want to achieve is for the girl to put in some effort to get your attention.

Never should you push her to the extent that she wonders if you’re serious about her. 

An example would be for you to reschedule a date with her. 

Letting her know that you have some errands to run on the day.

This drives the idea that you’re someone who’s not so easily attainable. 

And if she wants your attention, she has to earn it.

When you pull, you want to get a reaction that’ll make her heart melt.

Tug onto her heartstrings after you push, is the best way to get results.

An example would be, you buy her a bouquet of her favorite roses on the day you meet her. 

You can add: “Here’s my apology for canceling on you, hope you like it”

Why does the push-pull technique work to get a girl to like you?

It’s because when used correctly, it keeps things exciting for the girl!

18. Make Your Feelings Known

pexels freestocksorg 297996 | Male Value

The fact is a lot of girls will doubt their own feelings. 

Even if you made it clear that you like her, she will still push back those thoughts. 

The reason being, girls tend to take the passive approach when it comes to love. 

They rather turn a blind eye than risk making a fool out of themselves.

Never would they risk assuming the guy’s interest wrongly.

So what should you do to get past this? Make your feelings known to her! 

To get a girl to like you, make it known that you have feelings for her.

You don’t have to confess directly, but actions speak louder than words.

Treat her differently from how you would treat a friend. Make her feel special!

Only when it is crystal clear, will she start to question your intentions.

She’ll start to ask herself, “Why are you treating her so well? Do you feel feelings for me?” 

This dilemma is what you want to achieve. 

There’s nothing immoral about making her feel like this.

You need her to have such doubts so that she can face her own feelings.

Or else, she’s just going to numb herself and treat you like a friend. 

So don’t be afraid to make your feelings known to her!

More Dating Tips & Tricks To Get The Girl

Getting the girl to fall for you can be straightforward, but there are a lot of things you need to get right. Use these articles to further up your dating game:

To sum it up 

Every guy wants to know the secret on how to get a girl to like you. 

But the truth is, there is no one fits all formula. 

Every girl is different and has different tastes when it comes to men. 

Even if you master the techniques, there’s no guarantee the girl will fall for you.

But the golden lining is that there are tons of girls out there. 

Start by working on yourself, build yourself to become a respectable man.

Practice the 18 tips to get a girl to like you and learn as much as you can to understand the girl’s mentality. 

Only by continuously improving, and getting better each day.

Will you be able to get the girl to like you!

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