Make a Girl Want You

Make a Girl Want You – 10 Actionable Tips

You try hard to impress her, shower her with care.

Only to see her giving you a disinterested face.

Are you sick and tired of chasing after girls, only to get turned down? 

What if there’s a way; to turn it around and make a girl want you instead!

Won’t you want to know more about it?

Sources have shown one’s perception can be influenced by their social interactions. 

In fact, there is an entire field of study (Social psychology).

That’s devoted to learning how one’s behavior can be influenced.

So what can you do to make a girl want you?

Build yourself up to be an ideal lover. Be a man that’s independent with the potential for success and take action to attract her. Fan the flame, be daring to flirt, and be willing to take initiative when necessary.

Over the years, sales and marketing experts have used these techniques.

To make you buy things you might not even need. 

How To Make a Girl Want You – 10 Tips

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In this article, we’re bringing you 10 tips.

On how you can use behavioral alteration to make a girl want you. 

To be successful in making a girl want you, there’re 2 fundamental aspects to work on:

  1. Build yourself up to be the ideal lover
  2. Taking the right actions to create attraction

We will cover the most desirable qualities of a man that drive women crazy.

And the right actions to take, at the right time to steer her attraction towards you.  

Make a Girl Want You For Who You Are

You might be expecting something to charm the girl right off the bat.

Sorry but that’s not how it works…

What good does it do, if you do not possess the qualities to keep her attracted?

Does having these qualities assure you the girl? Of course not!

But this is a list of qualities in a man that are highly sought after by women. 

Anybody can adopt the advice ‘fake it till you make it to make her want you.

But no matter how long you fake it, there’ll come a time you’ll be exposed. 

If a girl doesn’t want you for who you are, you’ll find it impossible to keep her attraction.

Is changing your personality tough? YES, of course.

But is it impossible to acquire these qualities? Heck NO

Work on yourself to improve your inherent personality.

And equip yourself with the qualities that’ll make any girl want you. 

This will spark genuine interest.

And make the girl want you for who you really are. 

1. Being Self-dependent

To achieve anything in life, you need to be someone self-dependent.

The same applies to making a girl want you.

You need to get your life in check; studies, career, hobbies, and social life. 

Once you can build an image of being self-sufficient, you’ll become irresistible to women.

The reason is very simple. 

A self-sufficient man takes care of himself and has his act together.

One who can make the girl feel safe to be depended on.

Having control in your life implies that you have spare capacity. 

For you to take care and think for people. 

After all, how can a girl feel secure when asking you for help? 

When you can’t even take care of yourself.

When you take charge of your life, you’ll make the girl want you in her life. 

2. Understand Attraction 

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Plant the idea in her head for the girl to want you.

Making a girl want you lies in how you attract her.

You need to understand how attraction really works before even thinking about it.

A wrong move and you might just find yourself placed in the friendzone. 

What you should do, and should never do. 

Understand how to use attraction to make the girl want you. 

Here are 8 ways you can use to grab the girl’s attention.

Often it is how you treat a woman.

That determines if she views you as a friend or a potential date.

Know how to treat her well, and at the same time not let her take you for granted. 

Drop subtle hints of wanting her to be a potential date. 

You need to know the right way, to direct the interaction towards a more romantic nature. 

Make it known you’re a potential date, instead of a friend. 

3. Having The Potential For Success

The keyword here is Potential. 

Remember this… not all girls prefer the highly successful or super-rich guy. 

What a girl looks for in a desirable partner.

Is whether he has the potential to succeed or not. 

Nobody wants to be with someone who thinks of defeat all the time. 

The willingness to work towards success will attract her and make the girl want you.

Another thing to note is that the definition of success differs from person to person. 

For some, it could be earning a truckload of money.

While for others it could be a happy and loving family. 

To show your potential for success, you need to define what success means to you.

The next step is to work hard towards achieving that idea of success. 

When a girl sees the dedication you put in to become successful, she’ll be drawn to you.

Having the potential for success gives the girl a sense of security. 

She’ll know you’re someone that wants the best life has to offer.

And is willing to put in the effort to work hard with her.

4. Be a Man Of Aspirations 

Ideals and goals are what separates a man of aspirations from the average joe. 

Similar to defining success, it’s important to define what you want to achieve in your life.

A defined set of ideas or goals, that you aspire to accomplish. 

Everyone can dream, but you’ll really turn a girl off if it’s all talk.

You need to back your words with actions. 

She’ll keep her distance if you’re one who just goes about his life aimlessly. 

So aim to be someone that walks the talk. 

That’ll not only make the girl want you and crave for you.

But you’ll also be working towards success in the truest sense.

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Actions To Make Her Want You

We’ve covered how to build yourself up, to make the girl want you.

By having the qualities women are looking for in a potential date. 

But simply having those qualities are not enough!

You need to couple it with action to make the girl want you. 

She’ll never know what kind of man you are; if you do not show it to her. 

You can’t expect the girl to come up to you, while you’re being passive.  

Make it known, you possess the qualities that she has been looking for. 

5. Fan The Flame

There are times when the girl needs a slight push.

To be convinced that you are interested in her. 

Qualities are what attract her after she knows you for who you are. 

But regardless, you still need a certain level of intimacy with her. 

If you’re trying hard to be a friend, she’ll only see you like that. 

Instead, fan the flame and build up chemistry when interacting with her.

So how do you do that? 

Pay more attention to her and make her feel special. 

Compliment on her outfit, or something about her that catches your eyes.

Fan the flame by doing something a normal friend wouldn’t do.

What you’re aiming for is to plant the seeds of intrigue.

Make her guess your intentions.

And question why you’re treating her differently. 

Only when you get her thinking, will there be a chance for her to view you as a potential date.

6. Flirt and Tease Her

Flirting and teasing are needed to bring a relationship to the next level. 

It’s important as it enforces the idea of an intimate relationship between you two.

Drop the serious conversations, and ramp it up with flirting and teasing.

You want to get a reaction out of her and make it fun when she’s with you.  

The act of flirting is what differentiates a platonic friendship from an intimate relationship.

Most guys don’t feel comfortable flirting and teasing a girl.

The reason being, they’re worried they might offend her or get seen as a creep. 

But the most important aspect of flirting is to time it right.

If she’s receptive to your flirting, it’s a great sign that the girl wants you to!

Here are 12 tips you can use to skyrocket your flirting skills and build rapport.

Still hesitant about flirting with her?

Let’s put it in this context. 

Are you more afraid of saying the wrong things and offending her?

Or to remain passive and let her see you as a friend? 

The choice is yours to make!

7. Make Her Miss You

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As the saying goes ‘Distance makes the hearts grow fonder. 

If you want to make a girl want you, you can’t be sticking to her 24/7.

Make a conscious effort to create some distance between you and her. 

I’m not saying to avoid all contact with her. That’s beside the point.

By making yourself always available, you’re not giving her the chance to miss you. 

Occupy her thoughts as it’s where your impression will be the strongest. 

Lead your own life well, and make time for her when you’re available. 

NEVER be the one who drops all things on hand to attend to her.

You’re actively giving a chance for her to take you for granted.

Don’t treat her as the ONLY important thing in your life.

There are so many other things on your plate that life throws at you. 

Prioritize your life well, and it’ll work to make the girl want you. 

After all, you opened up a timeslot in your schedule to make time for her. 

It makes your time so much more precious, don’t you think?

Aside from prioritizing your time, here’s 6 more tips to make her miss you.

8. Have Your Own Set of Rules

Have your own set of rules that you live by. 

Everyone has their own principles, be it what they think is right or wrong. 

These principles are what tune a person to act.

And because of that, it makes everyone unique in their own way.

Do you know what’s the worst thing you can do?

To go against your principles just because you want to please a girl. 

You need to stick to your own principles no matter what.

NEVER be the guy that bends over just because a girl didn’t agree to it.

It’s your unique characteristics that attract and make the girl want you. 

If you’re someone who easily changes just to suit her, she’ll lose interest. 

It makes you seem easy and she does not have to put in any effort.

You’ll lose out in the long run and every action will be simply to please her. 

9. Give Her The Adventure She Craves 

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Is leading a life that’s going with the motion boring to you?

Every girl craves a certain level of danger and uncertainty.

This is why you often hear a girl say: “I prefer the bad boys”

BAD doesn’t mean you have to become a total jerk, it’s closer to thrill and exhilaration. 

Be spontaneous, energetic, and be willing to explore new things. 

It’ll require you to step out of your comfort zone, so consider if she’s worth it. 

But once you step up for her, your energy will be infectious.

And it’ll give her the courage to try out new things.

This isn’t just my claim, substantial research has been done.

Sources suggest that adventure helps strengthen a relationship as they induce dopamine in your brain.

In case you didn’t know, dopamine is what makes you feel happy. 

For any relationship, adventure helps to keep things exciting and fun.

Coupled with the happiness factor, it’ll be tough not for the girl to want you. 

10. Put In The Effort To Initiate 

So you’ve built yourself to be sought after by the ladies. 

What comes next? 

This is where you need to put in the extra effort to initiate. 

Waiting for a girl to initiate is akin to leaving things to chance.

It’s not something you can control.

If you remain passive and wait for the girl to lead, it’ll be a blind wait.

Even in the 21st century, asking someone out is still considered a man’s job. 

If you seek progress with her, put in the effort to initiate your interest.

It can be something simple, like treating her to coffee.

Or take things up a notch and bringing her out for a romantic date. 

By asking her out, you are sending a clear indication.

To show that you’re ready to take it to the next level. 

Once she sees your gesture and responds; it’ll mean that the girl want you too.

Something To Think About

When you like a girl, you’ll be inclined to suppress your personality. 

To make a girl want you, get her to like you for who you really are. 

Choosing to fake it might work in the short run, but it’s only time before you’re exposed.

She’ll see who you really are.

And if it’s not ideal, she’ll push you away further than before. 

So put in the effort to build yourself up, and then take action to make the girl want you.

Remain true to yourself, and the girl that appreciates will come in time.

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To Sum It Up 

It is a great feeling to be desired by someone whom you like. 

But unlike the movies, love doesn’t always happen at the first sight.

What you can do, is to build yourself up to be a desirable lover.

And then take the right course of action to make the girl want you.

Start by being self-dependent and aspire towards success.

Use this as a guide to becoming someone that’ll make heads turn.

Follow through and making a girl want you will no longer be a dream.

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