Talk to a Girl You Like

How to Talk to a Girl You Like – 9 Essential Tips

To talk to a girl you like to for the first time, it’s nerve-wracking. 

Most of the time, initiating conversation just seems impossible to do.

In most cases, after a guy approaches a girl the conversation goes sideways. 

The girl loses interest and what’s left is your craving for her attention.

Has it ever happened to you? What went wrong?

The question is, how do you talk to a girl you like?

When you talk to a girl you like, you need to keep the conversation going. Make assumptions based on her replies and let her do 80% of the talking. Do not wait for her cues, but rather take the lead and guide her along the conversation.  

Here are the best tips on how to talk to a girl you like. 

Unlike the past where you stumbled, portray yourself in the best form.

Let’s dive right in! 

How To Talk To a Girl You Like

Okay… You’ve started a conversation, you’ve done the first step. What’s next?

You’ll need to attract your crush and keep the conversation going! 

This is especially crucial in the first stage of attraction. 

Here are proven tips on how to talk to a girl you like.

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1. Tap Into Her Pressure Points

A girl is always attracted to a guy who gets a grasp on her likes and dislikes. 

The reason being, it makes her feel special!

Make an effort to understand her when you talk to a girl you like.

The things she has said, her interests, her life experiences. 

You’ll be able to have a good grasp of her as a person, and that’s what you want.

As you understand her better, you know what clicks for her. 

What will keep her interested or even trigger a response?

Tapping into her pressure points will let her know, you are making this conversation because you want to. 

2. Make Assumptions Based On Her Response

You may know what clicks for her. 

But it is not so easy to get anyone to share their inner thoughts. 

She may be more reserved, making it tough to know more about her.

So what do you do?

Make assumptions based on her response. 

This is the best way to get her to open up to you.  

Let’s say you are having a conversation and you asked her a question. 

Before she gives you an answer, make a quick assumption of what she might answer.

If you guessed right, she’ll be impressed with the chemistry between you two. 

That’s definitely a plus for you.

If you got it wrong… she will then correct you. 

She’ll be curious as to why you made that guess in the first place. 

And that will open up more conversation topics with her.

This is a method that would give you positive results regardless.

A win-win situation for you! 

3. The 80/20 Rule

Girls appreciate guys who give them their full attention.

Listen to her 80 percent of the time so that you can better understand her.

Do not be hasty to rant on about yourself as what’s important is to hear her out.

For the remaining 20 percent, use this time to probe her questions. 

Things that you are curious about and areas where you two share similar interests!

By doing so, you will be able to keep an air of mystery.

When you talk to a girl you like, it’s important to make her crave for more.

Do not reveal all your cards, especially when you talk to a girl you like.

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Watch your body language

Body language plays a huge part in making a good first impression.

There are a few key aspects that can’t be neglected when it comes to dating a girl.

Girls are generally attracted to guys who speak well. 

So use gestures to your advantage and keep her engaged! 

This is key when you talk to a girl you like.

4. Maintain Eye Contact

I cannot stress how important it is.

To maintain eye contact when you talk to a girl you like.

The eyes are the windows to the soul!

There are times when body language speaks much more than words.

This is one such scenario.

Sources state that couples who had eye contact reported significantly higher feelings of affection, passionate love, and liking for their partner. 

Keeping eye contact when you’re conversing shows that you are listening to her.  

And by doing so, giving her the attention she deserves.

By maintaining eye contact, also shows that you are a confident individual. 

You are not only interested in her words, but also in her as a person. 

To the point, you can’t keep your eyes off her.

5. Be Mindful Of Posture

Your posture is an important aspect that you can’t get wrong.

A good posture brings out confidence in a person and attracts the attention of the girl.

It’s a known fact that girls are always attracted to confident guys.

They like men who look as though they are prepared for anything.

Stand upright and NEVER slouch when you talk to a girl you like.

This is a big turn-off!

As much as you can, relax your shoulders and arms so you do not seem stiff. 

This will leave you with a positive outlook.

When you are to talk to a girl you like.

6. Physical Touch Matters

Physical interaction is more important than you think. 

In fact, it could be the most important body language to look out for.

If you’re interested, you need to let the girl know.

What better way to ramp up intimacy than physical interaction.

This is important because you need to make your intention known.

Or else, there’s a high chance she’ll place you right smack into the friendzone.

Check this out on how to escape the friendzone if you find yourself in it.

Keep in mind that physical touch while important, you must not overdo it. 

Some girls do not like guys who are too touchy.

So… you need to find the perfect balance between not showing too little nor too much.

Find the balance and build up intimacy when you are to talk to a girl you like.

This is bound to bring a smile to her face.

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Mistakes to Avoid When You Talk To a Girl You Like

You’re able to keep the conversation flowing while maintaining the best posture. 

Yet, some mistakes once made will drive you to failure.

So what are they? These are the mistakes that you must definitely avoid. 

7. Expecting Her To Lead

Any girl deep down would expect her man to lead her.

You must understand this fact and be there to show her the way.

Girls tend to be shy and less initiative when expressing their feelings.

What you must NEVER do is to remain passive and await her hints. 

Yes, it might be the safest option to take. 

But doing so will only portray you as a guy that is uncertain and afraid.

If your gut is telling you that the attraction might be mutual, do not waste any time in making a move. 

Be confident in expressing yourself and make sure she knows it!

Go and let her know your feelings and that you would like to know what she feels towards you. 

Girls are attracted to guys who have confidence and are clear with their intention. 

8. Be The Gentleman, Not The Nice Guy

Do not, and I repeat DO NOT be a Yes man.

A yes man is someone who tends to agree on everything. 

Girls are not attracted to such guys as it is a sign of weakness. 

Yes, it’s good to pamper her with love.

But as mentioned before, a girl is expecting her man to lead. 

A Yes man, will not be able to lead her. 

She may keep you as a good friend, but definitely not as a lover. 

There is a huge difference between a gentleman and a nice guy.

A gentleman makes a girl feel special. 

He shows her that she is different from other girls and is important to him.

A nice guy is not able to show this disparity as they are accepting and nice to a fault.

There’s a big difference between treating her well because you’re nice. 

And treating her well because she is the one you want.

9. Don’t Come Off As a Guy Friend

You would not want your dream girl to see you as another friend right?

Both men and women are very different.

Or so it would seem from their opinions of making friends.

Men are usually logical but more impulsive. 

They seek out sexual attractiveness first and friendships come later.

Women are instinctive but tend to be more emotional. 

They develop friendships and connections first before zoning into their sexual partners.

Girls are well known to be intuitive. 

But, they would need a clear sign of interest from the other party before even considering progress.

If you come off like any other guy friend, they would see you like that.

Over time, it would make progress with her a daunting task.

To win her heart, you’ll need her to see you in a different light

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To Sum It Up

Chatting with a girl is not hard, so is it any different when you talk to a girl you like?

Be real in front of the girl and make her feel special by doing the little things that matter. 

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Get a grasp of her likes, and dislikes. 

Remember you are not the first and only guy talking to her. 

Hope that from this, you’ll be able to better understand the methods to talk to a girl you like. 

Differentiate yourself from the rest so you win her heart.

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