Dating a Girl Who Just Broke Up

Dating a Girl Who Just Broke Up – 6 Tips

It’s a real challenge when it comes to dating a girl who just broke up. 

The reason being, she’s not in her best state of mind.

Her emotional state is damaged and her heart is shattered. 

Girls can become so involved in a relationship that it becomes part of their identity. 

Having spent time with him, depending on him, making life choices together.

To accept that it’s over, and she’s alone once again is hard to swallow. 

She’s hurt, confused, lonely, and desperately trying to find herself. 

It will take a great deal of effort to make her fall in love again. 

So what’s the best way to date a girl who just broke up?

Patience is key. Emotions fluctuate as she’s in a bad emotional state. Understand what she’s going through to the best you can. She’s vulnerable and afraid, you need to use actions to prove you’re someone she can trust.

To even think of dating a girl who just broke up.

You will need to first understand the challenges you’ll face.

Challenges Dating a Girl Who Just Broke Up

The challenges you will face extends beyond caring for her.

A girl who just broke up is still hurting from the previous relationship.

An emotionally stressful breakup can dramatically affect the girl’s mindset and how she approaches dating from here on.

Sources state that experiencing a break-up can increase psychological distress and a decline in life satisfaction

This is a transitional time for her, where she confronts her feelings and doubts. 

When still coping with the loss, she can be hypersensitive to love.

How they respond to something like this varies from person to person.

For some, she would be hesitant to be associated emotionally with another guy.  

There are also instances where the girl who just broke up becomes lost.

And her personality totally changes as though she’s another person.

But one thing is certain. At this point, love is something they no longer believe in. 

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How to Date a Girl Who Just Broke Up

You know what to expect, the hypersensitivity when it comes to love, and the lack of faith in relationships. 

Despite that, you still really like her, and don’t wish to give up.

So at this point, what can you do to bring back her faith in relationships?

It’s not going to be easy to date a girl who just broke up.

Here are 6 Tips on how you can overcome the challenges. And win the heart of the girl who just broke up. 

1. Patience To Win The Game

When you’re trying to get a girl who just broke up to trust relationships, it will be a long process. 

Don’t expect anything to change overnight, and you need to be patient with her. 

Patience in this case is the game-changer. 

During the phase that she’s healing, she will get emotional and pessimistic. 

There are times when she might smile as though everything is under control but deep down she is hurting. 

The toughest part is when you tried your best. Being the most caring, tender guy you could be.

But she does not see the effort you put in. 

That’s why having the patience to endure this is so important. 

Let her come to terms with her heartbreak. 

You should not expect her to give anything in return for the care that you’ve given, will only stress her out. 

Giving her time is key if you want the new relationship to last. 

If a girl who just broke up rushes into a new relationship, she’s still bound by her past.

There is a high chance that her past will come back to haunt both of you. 

Make sure your pace matches hers, try to understand her, and be as patient as she needs. 

2. Understand and Support Her

There are times when she’s loving and being the sweetest girl around. 

But there will also be times when she’s pushing you away, making you rip your hair out. 

And you will be at a loss of what to do.

Take time to understand from the perspective of a girl who just broke up.

You’ll realize it’s not as erratic as you might think!

She’s sweet and loving because she sees your care and appreciates it. 

She pushes you away because your concern reminded her of the painful past.

This emotional back and forth is what makes her emotions fluctuate wildly. 

From being happy and smiling to being sad and depressed in a matter of moments.

You need to understand that a girl who just broke up is going through a stressful time.

And offer as much support as you can. 

Communication plays a big part in the grand scheme of things. 

Show your sensitivity and the love she can experience from you.

When she’s tender and caring, make it known to her that you’re happy that she sees your efforts.

And when she’s pushing you away, make it known to her that such actions do in fact hurt you as well. 

But NEVER at any time, blame her for her actions.

Towards a girl who just broke up, you need to be willing to give in more. 

Make it 100% clear that despite telling her; you are not blaming her in the slightest.

You are only here to understand and support her.  

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3. Don’t Bring Up Her Painful Past

This should be obvious.

But you need to steer away from mentioning her painful past. 

You already know that a girl who just broke up will be hurting inside.

But you might be curious as to what kind of guy he was. 

What did he do? How did it end? Is he still contacting you? 

There might be a ton of questions you want to ask. 

But if you want her to walk out of this pain, NEVER bring it up.

The memories are still fresh, and there’s a gaping wound that needs time to heal. 

Unless she’s the one who brings up the topic, you should never initiate it.

And even so, you are simply the listener. 

Listen to whatever she wants to tell you, and be neutral in your stand. 

There are times when a girl who just broke up needs to tell someone about it.

To be able to express herself and the pain she’s going through. 

To hear her out and give her your time, that’s all the support she needs.

4. Give Her Comfort and Security

Comfort and security are something every girl needs. 

But for a girl that just broke up, she needs much more than that.

She no longer trusts romance or has any fantasies about love. 

Be more attentive to her emotional state.

So that you can pick up the signs when she’s feeling down or depressed.

You need to give her reassurance, that everything will be alright.

To let her realize that with you by her side, romance is still possible. 

And you’re a guy that will give her the comfort and security she needs.

Simply put, go out of your way to assure her that you are different.

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5. Don’t Pressure Her To Commit

When she’s in such a vulnerable state.

Rushing into a new relationship is the last thing that comes to her mind. 

You can treat her the best you can, show her acts of love that make her heart flutter.

But she will still shut you down. 

The rule of thumb is, relationships can’t be forced. 

There is no point in getting her to commit if her heart is not ready.

So while everything might seem to be going great.

Be careful about giving her too much pressure to commit. 

It might seem like a small issue to you, but the very act of love might give her unnecessary stress!

A girl who just broke up will be scared of loving again.

And she’s unable to trust another at this point. 

Understand her reservations and communicate your intentions clearly.

Keep in mind that she is a girl that just broke up.

Don’t take it personally when she rejects your advances. 

Make sure that she’s fully ready before getting into a serious relationship.

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6. Treat The Relationship Seriously

It does not matter even if she is not ready to step into a new relationship. 

To ensure she sees a potential future with you, you MUST take it seriously.

If you are to pursue her, she will be watching your actions closely.

She does this to determine if you can match whatever you promised.

You need to commit to her, prove that you are a man worthy of the leap of faith. 

You need to understand, she is not just choosing you as a lover. 

To give her love to you is akin to trusting romance once again.

To put her in a vulnerable position where she might be hurt once again. 

If you are to consider it from her perspective, suddenly it makes sense as to why she has her reservations.

Only through your actions, will you be able to convince her to love again.

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To Sum It Up

Dating a girl who just broke up is no easy feat. 

To be honest, it might be better to keep her as a friend.

Or at least until she overcomes this hurdle and gets back on her feet. 

If you wish to continue to pursue her.

Then prepare your heart for disappointment and unexpected outcomes.

You need to be resilient to emotional outbursts and able to tolerate drastic changes.

That being said, it is NOT impossible.

If you deem her to be worth it, go ahead and pursue her! 

Only you have the right to make this decision for yourself. 

So there you have it! Our 6 tips on dating a girl who just broke up. 

It takes a lot of time and a ton of painful effort to achieve.

But hope that you’re able to see a clearer picture through this article.

All the best!

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