Get a Woman Emotionally Attached

Get a Woman Emotionally Attached – 6 Proven Ways

If you happen to know any women who are both beautiful and capable.

You might realize something in common.

They tend to be emotionally detached. 

But don’t just take my word for it…

According to sources, highly independent women tend to be less emotionally attached. As compared to one who is more dependent.

But an independent woman also has many qualities that would make you fall for her.

What you really want is to become more than friends.

You want the relationship to progress and take things further.

But first, you’ll need to get a woman emotionally attached. 

Show your tender side and shower her with love. To receive, you need to show her you’re someone worthy. Prove it to her that you’re a man worth loving, and make her feel secure. Evoke her nurturing side by sharing your problems and encourage mutual communication.

How To Get a Woman Emotionally Attached

You’re sick and tired of being the one that is more attached.

And she just does not seem to care.

If you’re facing this situation, then this article is for you! 

Here are the tips to remember if you want to get a woman emotionally attached.

1. Tender, Loving, Care

These three words act as the stepping stone to get a woman emotionally attached. 

This basic formula works just like respect; as you have to give respect to get respect. 

Similarly, you have to show tender, loving, care to receive the same from her. 

She might show that she doesn’t need you and can alone conquer the world. 

But deep down her craving for love is just as real as yours. 

With your actions, show her the affection she can get from you. 

Be tender when you’re with her, and prove how much you care. 

To do this, take notice of the small little details. 

Perhaps wishing her luck before an important presentation.

Or pick her up from the airport after a business trip. 

These gestures will warm up her closed heart.

And build the foundation to get a woman emotionally attached.

Being tender is great but don’t also forget to flirt to keep the passion alive.

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2. Make Her Feel Included In Your Life

No matter how detached she may be, family is an aspect that is always close to her heart. 

What better way to get a woman emotionally attached is by involving her with your closest ones. 

Let her be in a relaxing environment surrounded by friends and family. 

Make her feel welcome and included in your life!

For your next family gathering or a get-together bring her along to join in the fun! 

Initially, she might feel out of place. 

But when she finds herself surrounded by people and feeling their hospitality, the awkwardness will fade away. 

At the same time, she will get to see the side of you that you do not show the world. 

The warmth will be infectious, and fond feelings for you will grow.

3. Support Her During Tough Times

For an independent woman, it is hard to see her lower her guard. 

The only time you might catch a glimpse is when she’s at her limit. 

And more often than not, it means she is currently going through a major challenge in her life. 

Not to say you should wish for her to go through tough times…

But there is no denying that she’ll become more vulnerable.

This is a chance for you to offer her support and care. 

As the saying goes:

“Those who stand by you through thick and thin will remain closest to your heart.”

– Gene Young

In this context, you’re not aiming to be her friend but to become someone important. 

Having you by her side in the most challenging of times will get a woman emotionally attached.

It will make her feel that you’re someone she can depend on and trust. 

This absolute faith is what you need to get a woman emotionally attached.

While it may be rare, it’s truly is the best way to stimulate a woman emotionally.

4. Shower Her With Lots Of Affection

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It is tough for an independent woman to invest emotionally, even in a committed relationship. 

This gets worse over time when the initial spark in the relationship diminishes. 

As you start to show signs of tardiness and become lazy to keep the romance alive.

At this point, she’ll not see any need to show any emotional attachment towards you. 

You wouldn’t want that to happen, do you?

Ignite the flame and bring back the excitement, so start doing small acts of love! 

Think back to the earlier days of the relationship.

Where you’ll compliment her appearance, or give her a random kiss.

You need to bring back that honeymoon phase to get a woman emotionally attached. 

Start showering her with compliments and kisses once again. 

Show to her that she still means a lot to you and reinforce her feelings.

This is necessary to get a woman emotionally attached.

Most couples fall apart because it becomes a companionship.

You do not want that to happen!

Find out 15 more ways you can use to make your girl happy.

5. Make Her Feel Secure In The Relationship

Strong-minded is another personality trait of an independent woman. 

That makes you love, but hate her at the same time.

To get a woman emotionally attached, she needs to feel respected in a relationship.

They want to know for a fact that they can trust you and depend on you. 

Insecurity is the one thing that they can’t tolerate from their partners. 

They expect you to give her due respect and not do anything to shake the foundation.

That being said, it’s up to you to present yourself to make her feel emotionally secure. 

Talk to her, let her know that she can freely communicate about her choices. 

And you will be by her side without judging her, to give her the support she needs. 

Trust and communication are the foundation to get a woman emotionally attached.

To communicate with her, let her know your thoughts and make it a point to do the same for her.

6. Bring Out Her Nurturing Side

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Whether she’s independent or not, nurture and care are in the innate nature of a woman. 

When she sees someone important going through a tough time.

Any woman would provide support and concern to the best she can. 

If you want her to share her problems with you, take the first step.

Rather than waiting for her to initiate, you should start sharing your inner thoughts.

It’ll be much easier to share your problems and ask for her opinion.

Instead of waiting around for her to open up to you. 

Remember… she tends to put on a strong front!

Share your problems and considerations. 

Ask for her opinions and accept help when she offers. 

Don’t think of it as something embarrassing or not manly to do. 

On the contrary, she will find you’re brave enough to confront your inner self.

A relationship is a two-way street, both must take a step forward to meet in the middle. 

When she does see you opening up to her.

It gives her the indication that it’s alright to be vulnerable in front of you as well. 

And this is exactly what you’re hoping for.

When she shares her problems with you, that will be the time for you to return the favor. 

Now it’s the chance for you to lend your shoulder and offer support. 

This mutual support that you two have will bring your relationship closer.

And hopefully, you’ll build a stronger emotional attachment.

Active communication and putting down your pride.

That is the exact recipe to get a woman emotionally attached.

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To Sum It Up 

The capacity for love is different for everyone. 

Some people fall in love instantly, while some take years to open up. 

One may readily show and express their feelings.

While the others keep their emotions like a closely guarded secret. 

If you happen to be with a woman who does not easily form a deeper attachment, don’t get discouraged. 

You can still get a woman emotionally attached, so don’t give up.

Give her the time she needs and continue to put in the effort to make the relationship work. 

Get a woman emotionally attached by showing your caring and affectionate side.

Understand what it takes to get a woman emotionally attached to you. 

It will take time to melt her heart but you will get there.

Slowly but surely, she will show signs that she’s getting attached to you.

And from there, feelings will only grow deeper with time. 

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