Get a Girl Off Your Mind

How To Get a Girl Off Your Mind – 6 Cool Hacks

Your crush is now with someone else.

That’s the reality where feelings can’t be forced. 

No one is spared heartbreak when feelings become a distant memory. 

When this happens, the best thing to do is to forget the past and move on. 

But to achieve that, you must first get the girl off your mind. 

No matter how hard you try to forget, your memory remains fresh. 

Everywhere you go, everything you see reminds you of her.

It’s hurting you to the point you can’t live a day without thinking of her. 

So what can you do? To get a girl off your mind.

Start by accepting the harsh reality and acknowledging the pain. Remove mementos and cut all contact with the girl. You do not want to be constantly reminded of her. Distract yourself by doing something you love and widen your social circle by heading out to meet new people.

Here are actionable tips that are proven to work to help you get the girl off your mind. 

Forgetting someone takes time and determination.

It’s a process that won’t be hastened even if you force it. 

Take as much time as you need.

How To Get a Girl Off Your Mind

Here are 6 steps you can take to get a girl off your mind and move on.

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1. Accepting The Harsh Reality 

This is the first and most important step to get a girl off your mind. 

Sources have proven that there are 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. 

The first four steps are how most of us cope with the situation.

Before finally reaching the last stage, and that’s accepting the truth. 

It’s only when we can accept a situation, that can we move forward from the pain of getting a girl off your mind.

What brings the most pain, is the hope that there could be something more!

The fact that there are stages before acceptance proves that it is not something you should rush and suppress your emotions. 

Being emotional does not mean you are weak, but it’s how you stand up after the pain that matters. 

Take time for yourself, and do everything you can to cope with the situation of getting a girl off your mind. 

Most people are unable to move on from sadness because they are unwilling to accept the fact that it has ended.

It is harsh, it’s painful, but only when you accept it, can you move forward. 

As the saying goes; what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. 

2. Stop Trying To Figure Out What She’s Thinking

Most people spend their days trying to figure out what went wrong when getting a girl off your mind.

“How did this happen? Why did she leave me? What could I have done differently” 

Thoughts like these flood the mind. The result?

You will end up running in circles trying to figure out what went wrong.

Many come up with scenarios as a way to console themselves. 

They come up with fictional situations to answer their doubts.

It’s very harmful to your mental well-being as it plunges you into a state of instability when you are getting a girl off your mind.

Don’t overthink the situation as it’s often something you will never get an answer to. 

Stop trying to think about her perspective or else how will you get the girl off your mind?

When what matters is for you to get back on your feet! 

It will take time, but you’ll learn to be at peace with yourself. 

Thinking of it constantly will only make it impossible to get the girl off your mind.

3. Remove Anything That Reminds You of Her

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It’s hard to get the girl off your mind when everything around you reminds you of her. 

The watch she gave you on your birthday or the cookbook she used when she cooked for you. 

All these objects are her mementos scattered around your life.  

Any mementos, be it items, gifts, or pictures.

If it hurts you and makes you think about her, remove it when you want to get a girl off your mind.

It might be painful for you to discard them.

But those items being there are only hurting you every time you see them.

What matters is for you to get the girl off your mind, as soon as you can! 

If throwing them away is too painful, then at least store them away in a place where you can’t see them.

The key here is out of sight, out of mind. 

This will speed up your healing process and get the girl off your mind. 

4. Cut Contact With Her

Removing momentos of her is easy, as compared to what you need to do next. 

You have to cut contact with her, and this is something you absolutely MUST do if you want to get a girl off your mind.

Stop texting, or trying to call her. Block out her social media if you have to. 

The extent you have to block her depends on how you are coping. 

It might seem unfair, and even childish to some extent.

But this step is crucial for recovery. 

Think about it… every single time you see a notification on your phone, you’ll anticipate her text. 

And you’ll scroll through her social media to update on her life.

With that, you’re back to square one.

You need to set a clear boundary to distance yourself from her when you want to get a girl off your mind.

It might seem irresponsible.

But if you need that to get back on your feet, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Staying in contact makes it so much harder to get the girl off your mind.

You need space so you can have the time to forget about her.

Not to say you have to cut contact permanently.

You can always reach out to her once again after healing. 

At the stage when you need time to heal, cutting contact with her is the most effective. 

5. Distract Yourself 

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After you have distanced yourself from what hurts you, you need to engage your mind with other activities. 

You are bound to think of her from time to time.

But find a way to distract yourself to get the girl off your mind.

Pick up a new hobby, work out, immerse yourself in work, or go through your watchlist on Netflix. 

There are a million ways for someone to keep their mind occupied. 

The important thing is to find something that works for you!

Keep yourself busy to prevent your mind from wandering off. 

Another benefit of this is you will convert sadness into motivation.

Whatever you decide upon, you’ll plow through it day after day when you want to get a girl off your mind.

For instance, picking up a new sport.

You’ll work yourself so hard that in the end, you’ve become proficient in it!

Be positive and believe that the time you’re taking to heal can be used to rebuild yourself.

6. Widen Your Social Circle

When depressed, we tend to shut out ourselves from the world. 

We ignore our friends, choose to stay home, and avoid groups.

But the ironic thing is, this is the opposite of what we should be doing. 

When feeling down, we should surround ourselves with positivity.

Keep yourself busy with the company of friends and family when you want to get a girl off your mind.

It’s good to go out and lead a more fulfilling social life. 

You do not overexert yourself, but just take it as you are widening your perspective.

Start by agreeing to the party invitation from your office or find a meetup group in your neighborhood. 

Find a social place to hang out with like-minded people. 

Every moment you are surrounded by friends is a moment more you can get the girl off your mind.

At the same time, widening your social circle will also widen your chances of meeting someone new. 

You never know when you will meet your next potential romantic interest. 

So put yourself out there, and know more people!

10 More Cool Hacks To Get a Girl Off Your Mind

7. Reframe Your Focus

In a bid to get someone out of your head that you love, it is very important to change the way you think about that person.

Instead of getting lost in the memories and “if only” thought patterns, focus on what you want to accomplish and personal achievements.

Get yourself involved in activities that will help boost your self-esteem and your mental health when you want to get a girl off your mind.

Such as learning something new or starting a project that you have been planning on for a long time.

This shift in mindset not only helps you move on but at the same time, enables you to find new and meaningful ways of living.

8. Incorporate Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness can help a person to focus as well as manage their emotions.

It helps you learn how to watch your thoughts and not cling to them – something very useful when you can’t seem to get her out of your mind.

Daily practice can also assist in working through mental processes and regaining control over the flow of thoughts, thus effectively ignoring the memories that are disturbing you and concentrating on the current moment.

9. Create a Thought Diary

Often, writing down your feelings can be a good way to let out some steam and lessen the burden.

Begin to maintain a thought diary specifically for the periods in which you catch yourself thinking about her.

Record what initiated the thought process and how it made you feel and then write a logical response and a positive affirmation that will overcome the feelings of sadness or loneliness.

This method not only assists in getting her off your mind but it also assists in comprehending and controlling your emotions better.

10. Set New Relationship Goals

Another way that can assist you in clearing your mind is by resetting your relationship goals.

Get an understanding of what went wrong in the previous relationship and how it can be avoided in future relationships.

It becomes empowering to set higher standards and expectations of what you expect from a partner, this will also help to shift your mind off the past and towards the future.

11. Seek Professional Help

If you realize that it is very difficult to get her out of your mind even when you have tried all the above ways then it is wise to seek the help of a psychologist.

Of course, feelings can sometimes be more profound, and seeking professional help through therapy or counseling can help a person find the way out of habitual patterns.

12. Change Your Environment

It can also be that your environment keeps the memories fresh and it becomes almost impossible to get her off your mind.

One way to stop the connection is to alter the physical environment to eliminate the old stimuli or change your daily routine to replace the old stimuli.

If possible, go out or travel to a new environment. New surroundings are likely helpful in that sense because they can help you break the train of thought which leads to the formation of new habits.

13. Engage in Physical Activity

Physical exercise not only has positive effects on the body but also the mind.

That is why exercises such as running, swimming, or dancing are some of the ways by which endorphin, your body’s natural mood booster, is released.

Engaging in physical exercise can assist in diverting one’s attention from emotional pain to physical health and consequently, it assists in diminishing the frequency of one’s thoughts about her.

14. Connect with New People

While it’s important not to rush into another romantic relationship, to get her off your mind, it is advisable to connect with new people.

New interactions can bring new feelings and experiences that can overshadow the previous ones.

Go to parties and other social events and become a member of an association or a group on social networks that shares your passion.

Socializing with new friends may help to overcome the feelings of loneliness, so the thoughts about the past relationship will not be so intense.

15. Embrace a New Hobby

Taking up a new hobby is a great way to distract yourself and it may turn out to be very fulfilling.

Whether it is art, writing, programming, or gardening, a new hobby may give a person a feeling of accomplishment and happiness.

This new interest could be something that takes up your thoughts and over some time assist you in getting over her as you master and develop yourself in your new area of interest.

16. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a way of changing the outlook toward life and can make one concentrate on the good things in life.

Before going to bed, make a list of things you are grateful for, and do the same routine in the morning.

This practice can pull you out of the cycle of thinking about what you lost and what you are longing for and slowly start to fill your mind with positive thoughts.

17. Limit Social Media Consumption

Social media will constantly keep reminding you of what you are trying to leave behind, especially if you are still connected with her online.

It is advisable to take some time off social media or reduce the amount of time you spend on it.

It is also useful to unfollow her account or mute her and any friends who post pictures of her to avoid any emotional triggers.

On a side note

While it is tough to get a girl off your mind, it’s a bad idea to find someone new as a rebound. 

It’s a common practice; to get together with someone new just to forget someone. 

It might sound great, but it’ll only harm you and the girl in the long run. 

Diving into a hasty relationship may cause another round of breakup and plunge you into a worse state than before. 

Place yourself out into the world, and get to know more people. 

But only commit to another relationship when you’re ready.  

Here’s a 3 step process you can take to get a girl ready for a relationship.

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To sum it up 

if you can’t seem to get the girl off your mind, you are not alone. 

We all have been in the same situation before. 

Some people get trapped thinking of their exes and are never able to step out of it.

so there you have it, our tips on how to get a girl off your mind. 

Moving on is not just about time separating you from the past; it is also about actively occupying this healing period with growth, new experiences, and change.

All of these steps are cumulative not only to get her off your mind but also to become a better and more centered person.

Just bear in mind that moving on is a process and it is a process that may sometimes entail going back a step or using elements of several steps depending on one’s emotional map.

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