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How To Tell If a Girl Likes You – 20 Surefire Signs

Have you ever chatted with a girl for a while?

But doesn’t know what she thinks about you? This is very common.

It’s tough to know where you stand and if a girl likes you.

May have been texting for a while, or see each other every day at work. 

But you’re still unsure if you should take the next step. So how to know if a girl likes you?

A girl will display signs of interest, be it intentional or subconsciously. Minor things can be picked up through day-to-day interactions. Subconscious hints are shown in her body language, such as mirroring your mannerisms or leaning in closely.

So let’s delve deeper to talk about the signs to tell if a girl likes you

20 Signs To Tell If a Girl Likes You

The signs showed when a girl likes you are split into 2 types.

Those she’s showing intentionally, and those given subconsciously. 

Regardless, they are all clear hints as to how she feels towards you. 

Understanding these signs will drastically increase your chances when you do ask her out. 

Learn to tell if a girl likes you and get insight into what they’re really thinking. 

1. When She Gives You a Pet Name

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If she calls you by a nickname created just for you.

And rarely uses your full name, that’s a big step in the right direction!

This shows that she is looking to get closer and more intimate with you.

She’s trying to set you apart from the other guys in her life. 

And may just be waiting for you to reciprocate this to her to deepen the relationship. 

So if she’s already done it, pick a nickname that suits her and use it on her. 

She may get a shock as it’s coming from you. 

But deep down when a girl likes you, nothing will make her happier.

2. She Asks You a Lot Of Questions

If you’re interested in something, you’ll want to learn more about it.

When a girl likes you, she will want to know every little detail about you. 

This usually shows up in the form of questions. Which she will use to learn your likes and dislikes.

When you first meet someone, you want to make sure you are compatible. 

The more she wants to learn about you, the more she’s thinking of taking things further. 

So don’t get taken aback when she bombards you with questions. 

Observe if she acts in the same manner when she’s with others. 

If she’s less chatty, that’s a good sign that a girl likes you!

3. She Drops Hints on When She’s Free

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Even if a girl likes you, she may not have the courage to ask you out. 

But that doesn’t mean she won’t want to spend more time with you.

She may be hoping to know you better but is too shy to take the initiative. 

Instead, she drops hints about the days and times that she is free.

Hoping that you will take the hint and ask her out.

So pay extra attention, and make sure not to miss the hints she gives!

A lot of girls fear humiliation and still don’t think it’s their role to ask guys out.

So take the first step to ask her out, and she’s bound to follow your lead.

4. She Involves You In Her Plans

If she tells you about her plans, she may be trying to drop a hint.

A subtle hint that she’d like you to be there as well.

Maybe she’s telling you she is meeting a group of friends for a drink.

Or that she’s heading to the movies with her girls. 

If she adds that you are welcome to tag along, this is a huge giveaway! 

When a girl likes you, she’ll want to include you in her life as much as she can. 

She’ll want to bring you to her friends to get them to know you, and at the same time evaluate you. 

Any signs that she wants to spend more time with you is a good one. 

So have some courage and start taking up those invitations.

5. She Shows Your Her Quirky Side

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When a woman gets comfortable and likes your company.

She will reveal secrets she doesn’t share with the rest of the world.

Most of the time, it may come in the form of a quirk she has.

Or an embarrassing habit she would rather die than show anyone. 

It could be she’s a nerd, a total geek for games, or she has a weird fetish.

This matters because by showing you her quirky side; being true to herself.

It’s also a sign that she does not need to set up barriers around you.

Only when a girl likes you, will she show her quirky side.

6. She Puts In Effort To Dress Up 

The logic is simple… If a girl likes you, she’ll want to look her best. 

Start to notice the effort she puts into her dressing when she meets you. 

It will mean nothing if she dresses up when you bring her to a posh restaurant for dinner. 

But what about every other day when you meet her? 

Even a short meet-up near her place, or a casual brunch over the weekend.

Does she apply lipstick? Does she bother to dress up in her favorite dress? 

If she puts effort to dress up, she’s trying to look her best for you. 

She wants to present herself the best she can when she’s with you. 

And frets over what would look nice on her whenever she’s out.

Pay special notice to non-date days where you two are just catching up. 

If she bothers to put in the effort, there’s a high chance that she’s into you!  

Physical Signs shown when a Girl Likes You

When you start understanding a woman’s body language.

It can be deemed the most accurate way to tell if a girl likes you. 

When a girl is interested, she’ll unintentionally act in a certain manner that’s out of her control. 

Most of the time, she’s not even aware that she’s acting in this manner. 

And that is the best sign, as they cannot control their actions. And she is being vulnerable around you. 

7. She “Mirrors” Your Behaviour

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When talking or interacting, try to take notice.

Notice if you two are behaving or speaking in the same manner.

This is an unconscious reaction due to her noticing your every move. 

She’s concerned about what’s happening around you and pays extra attention. 

You may find it puzzling at first but take it as a form of flattery!

Is she mimicking your hand gestures when speaking? Is she following your pace of speech? 

You might even notice her using some slang that you use frequently. 

It means you are always in her line of sight.

When a girl likes you, she will be taking extra notice of you.

8. She Initiates Casual Touches In Public

Does she initiate to give you hugs as a form to say hello and goodbye? 

Or does she brush and bump into you when you are together in person? 

Physical touch is a great sign of intimacy. A sign that a girl likes you.

She making casual touches might be a way of spicing up the interaction. 

According to relationship development expert AJ Harbinger:

“Touch is one of the biggest mutual attraction signs going.”

If you touch her, you’re showing interest. If she likes being touched by you, she’s attracted to you.

If she’s happy being close to you and comfortable in your presence.

9. She Fidgets When She’s Around You

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A surefire sign is if she subconsciously fidgets while she’s talking to you. 

They have a tendency to do some unintentional acts when a girl likes you.

It could be blushing, touching her hair, biting her lip, and so on.

Try to take notice of the little things that she does. 

If she acts nervous and slightly awkward around you, you know you’re on the right track. 

You can even put it to the test! Throw her a compliment and observe how she reacts. 

Before you make any assumptions, try to get her baseline. 

Determine what actions would be out of the norm for her.

10. She Leans In Towards You

If she’s leaning in when talking to you. She’s trying to show that she’s engaged in the conversation. 

This is especially prominent when you’re in a group.

And she pays the most attention to what you’re saying. 

She’s subconsciously seeking your attention and wants to be your focal point. 

She’s showing her interest by engaging with you.

Letting you know that she’s present in the conversation. 

Be sure to respect her advances and be immersed in the conversation. 

Maintain eye contact with her and keep yourself engaged. 

Here are 12 ways you can flirt with her but not overdo it.

Be careful not to close in the distance by leaning in further. She’s already doing so.

If you lean towards her, you’ll appear needy and a bit of a try-hard. 

Signs a Girl Likes You – But Trying Not To Show It

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More often than not, a girl will try to hide her feelings for someone. 

If the guy has yet to make his interest crystal clear.

Then the girl will do her best to hide her feelings. 

Only with certain levels of confirmation, will she make her intention known. 

This is largely due to the innate fear of rejection. 

That being said, there are still some actions that are out of her control. But will surface when a girl likes you. 

Look out for the signs that she can’t hide, no matter how hard she tries.

11. She Tends To Steal Glances at You

Observe when you’re in a group setting and having a conversation.

You may notice her looking your way every now and then.

This is her wanting to see a reaction and response from you, she may even be looking for approval. 

When a girl likes you, she can’t help but glance to see what you’re up to.

She’s concerned about what you think of her. And is cautious whenever she’s around your presence. 

This is a sure sign a girl likes you but is trying not to show it!

12. She Asks About Your Female Friends

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She’s going to enquire and see if you have another girl in your life. 

And will want to know if she is competing against anyone. So as not to make a fool out of herself.

If she asks about your friends and seems especially interested in the girls, this is because she senses a threat! 

She does not want to be the only one having an interest in you.

And she desperately wants to know if you feel the same. Take it as a way for her to test waters. 

She might show signs of jealousy when you talk about a certain girl.

But too proud to acknowledge her feelings towards you.

13. She Checks In With You Regularly

Life is already as hectic as it is. 

When a girl likes you, she’ll want to know what is going on in your life. 

To do so, she will have to keep in contact with you. 

Does she reply to your messages whenever she can?

Or even better, does she strike conversations with you?

Even though it might seem small, the effort to keep in contact can be a sign of deep affection. 

If you do not mean something to her.

There’s no way she’ll put in the extra effort to keep in regular contact.

So next time a girl checks on you, it might be more than a simple gesture. 

Don’t waste this chance and keep her hooked to your texts with these 7 tips.

14. She Laughs a Lot, Even at Your Dumbest Jokes

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If the girl you like is always laughing at even your lamest of jokes.

It means one of two things:

  1. She has a ridiculously low humor threshold
  2. She’s into you. 

Giggling is a sign that she’s feeling a little nervous around you. 

And using laughter as a form of relieving her innate stress. 

Yes… stress when she’s around you, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Think back to yourself, won’t you be nervous around her too? 

All these points to her caring about what you think!

15. She Remembers all The Little Details 

Don’t be surprised if she remembers the little things you say. 

If a girl likes you, she’ll pay extra attention to listen to what you have to say. 

It could be you mentioned the name of your dog or your mum’s birthday.

She puts in the effort to remember everything to the little details. 

That’s proof she’s genuinely interested in what you’re telling her. 

Let’s be honest, no way anyone can remember every single thing that’s spoken to them.

If she pays attention to your every word and remembers the little details. Then you can be sure the girl likes you.

Signs To Tell If a Girl Likes You – When Texting

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Technology has become an integral part of our lives. 

We rely on it so much that all activities revolve around our mobile devices. 

Of course, that includes dating and intimate relationships.

According to Sources, “Luo and Tuney (2015) found that when college students sent their romantic partner a text message once a day over two weeks. They (the senders) reported slightly more relationship satisfaction at the end of the two weeks than those who did not send a text message”.

So if you’ve been texting a girl for some time… it’s important to know if a girl likes you over text! 

As texting is void of emotions, it might be harder to pinpoint the hints. 

But, there are still several clues you can use to gauge whether she likes you.

16. No One-word Replies

When texting, it’s a great sign if she replies with more than one or two words. 

If she continues the conversation and asks you multiple questions, it’s obvious she is into you. 

She is taking the time to craft the perfect response to you!

Don’t you hate it when someone replies with a single word? 

It does not say much and it’s pretty much a conversation ender. 

One-word replies are a huge turn-off, and she knows that very well. 

So be sure to reciprocate her effort and put more effort into texting her!

Initiating is a huge indicator of someone’s interest. And the effort they are willing to put into you.

17. Sends You Photos From Time to Time

She sends you photos and wants to share details about her life, that’s awesome! 

It’s a good sign that a girl likes you. Texting can run dry after some time.

So the use of photos to spice up the conversation is very important. 

It can be a photo of her having a meal or a photo of the scenery she’s looking at now. 

It can be anything but it signifies she wants to share the moment with you.

Regardless, it shows how much she values keeping you updated. 

Deep down, she hopes you will be a more significant part of her life.

18. Regularly Updates You About Her Life

Consistency is key for any intimate relationship. 

When a girl likes you, she’ll want to share every moment in her life.

They can range from big to small events. 

Even be minor events such as what she’s having for lunch, or bringing her puppy to the vet. 

The fact that she keeps you updated means she’s thinking about you. It’s a sign that she wishes for you to be there. 

Do note that this is subjective to the girl’s character. 

If she’s a highly independent woman, she might not portray such a trait. 

She prides on her independence and you should respect it.

19. Texts Matches Her Personality

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Ask yourself this… Do you pay attention to your texting towards friends?

To make it consistent with your personality? 

More often than not, the answer would be a NO.

You simply want to get your point across without any misunderstandings. 

When face-to-face, there are mannerisms that can’t be easily expressed through texting. 

If a girl puts in the extra effort to ensure her texting matches her personality.

Then there’s a high chance that she likes you. Be it the use of emojis, cute phrases, or special slang.

If she puts in the effort, she’s trying to express herself to the fullest when texting you.

She’s already doing her part, give your texting a boost with these 23 tips.

20. She Is Initiative When Texting You

It’s something when a girl constantly texts you. 

But when she is initiative with her texts, that takes it to a whole new level!

It’s already rare for a girl to initiate a text.

There is the social stigma that guys should be the ones to text first. (Yes, it’s annoying)

From “Good morning” to “How’s your day”, girls often leave it to us guys to make the first move. 

If she initiates texting you, it’s a HUGE sign that a girl likes you. 

That you are in her mind and she wants to stay in contact.

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To Sum It Up

It’s perplexing when it comes to guessing a girl’s intentions. 

While there might be some who are comfortable in asking you out.

The majority of girls still fear rejection and humiliation.

Even if times have changed, it’s still uncommon for girls to confess their feelings. 

And even more so to announce their interest in you.

So there you have it! Our 20 signs to tell if a girl likes you.

If any girl is giving you some of these hints we’ve discussed above.

Make sure to take it as a good sign and move forward.

If she’s dropping hints to hang out and involving you in her life. It’s more than likely she’s interested in you.

Take the lead from there to spend more time together. You might have guessed her intentions.

But the initiative to take it to the next level is still in your hands.

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