Get her to chase you over text

Get Her To Chase You Over Text With These 3 Irresistible Texts

As we live in a digital-based world, the skill of conversation has developed, especially on how to get her to chase you over text.

Texting has become a vital part of the way we keep our relationships and develop new ones. This in-depth guide exposes you to the intricate tactics of how to get her to chase you over text. To make sure she’s the one reaching out to you, desiring your attention and time.

Understanding the psychological triggers, the timing, and the creativity needed for winning texts, you will boost your texting game to the next level, and you’ll truly discover how to get her to chase you over text.

Understanding Attraction

Forget about physical appearances and shared interests – attraction is more about psychology and psychological triggers such as scarcity, mystery, and the thrill of the chase when it comes down to how to get her to chase you over text.

In texting you need to spark up her curiosity and interest, meaning she will be eagerly waiting to receive your messages.

This is very true in the world of dating and when you want to get her to chase you over text. You boost your worth by not always being instantly accessible.

Get her to chase you over text – Is Good for You?

It is not only a good feeling when she does this, but it also creates a situation where she gets more engaged and invested in the interaction when you get her to chase you over text.

This investment is not only about time; it is also emotional and psychological. The more you get her to chase you over text, the more she starts to care which, in turn, creates a deeper connection, and can lead to a more meaningful relationship.

The Basis to get her to chase you over text

Building Rapport

Build rapport to get her to chase you over text

Rapport is the pillar of any relationship. It’s about looking for common interests, shared hobbies, or stories that can serve as a basis for your conversations and get her to chase you over text.

Maintaining rapport via text should be done through skill in communication where each message sent is a chance to show your suitability and to build a connection.

Establishing a Connection

What matters more is a relationship that goes beyond plain texting. It’s about making an emotional connection, revealing one’s flaws, and identifying one’s fundamental values and ethical principles.

To get her to chase you over text involves more than just the sharing of what the day brought; it also means bearing your soul to the other person. You need to open up to the other person to tell of her own experiences.

The Importance of Mystery

Mystery can be a sly weapon in the play of attraction and to get her to chase you over text. It provides her with a puzzle to solve, which is tempting enough that she will take an interest and invest in interactions with you.

To create mystery, reveal enough to hook her in but not so much that there’s no surprise left.

It is all about finding a way to achieve the ideal balance between being open with her and intrigue, eliciting her desire for further information and communication with you.

Confidence in Communication

Your confidence comes through in the way you put together your messages. It’s not about showing off or being dominating but the subtleness of your speech, the clear plans, and the manner you express yourself.

Confidence is attractive because it shows that you’re secure with your identity and goals, which can make you look more attractive and will be tempting enough to get her to chase you over text.

The 3 Texts That Make Her Chase You

Here are 3 text examples that will give your conversation more depth and get her to chase you over text

Each of these texts fulfills a specific goal, be it triggering her interest, getting on her competitive side, or opening the need for communication.

Text 1: The Intriguing Question

This intriguing question is created with the intent to arouse curiosity and drag her into the conversation. It must be open-ended and provocative, making her think and reply.

For example, “If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one ability, which one would it be?”

This question gives her a chance to disclose something personal thus the chance for a deeper connection.

Text 2: The Playful Challenge

By showing your playful side, you not only inject fun into the conversation but also portray yourself as being highly attractive. A playful challenge could be a light-hearted wager, a whimsical quiz, or simply a wild dare.

For example, “Bet you can’t guess what I’m cooking for dinner tonight – if you’re right, I’ll share the recipe with you.”

It’s meant to be interactive, entertaining and also motivates her enough to get her to chase you over text.

Text 3: The Personal Story

A personal story brings the other person into your life, forming a connection. It may be a funny story, a memorable trip, or a minor victory.

It is all about making it relatable and lovable, like, “You won’t believe what happened to me at the coffee shop today…” This invites her into your world, thus increasing intimacy and interest.

Get her to chase you over text – Strategies for Texting

To get her to chase you over text goes far beyond the content of your messages. This section dives into texting strategies addressing time, frequency, and the balance between engagement and space.

Timing and Frequency

Timing and frequency to get her to chase you over text

Timing is everything when it comes to creating or destroying the flow of your text. It is important to drop her a text when she’s most likely to be in a receptive state and at a time when she’s too busy to reply.

The frequency should not be too high so as not to bore her or make it seem as though you are too available. Find a balanced frequency that allows her to think about you all the time, but don’t text her everything all at once, so that she craves and chases you.

Balance Between Texts

Striking a balance when texting is fundamental. Ensure there is enough interest to maintain the conversation but allow her the room to start another conversation topic. This balance pushes her into having more involvement, making her more likely to pursue you.

Art of Being Elusive

Elusiveness is not the same as being distant. It’s about being mysterious, fascinating her curiosity, to learn more. This doesn’t mean playing games with her, rather this implies sharing enough to get her attention but keeping some things to yourself.

Using Humor Effectively

Humor plays a very strong role in texts to lower her guard and create a bond. Lively and witty texts can help you ease some tension, make her giggle, and reveal your inner self. Nevertheless, it is crucial to keep it natural and match her style of humor to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

Get her to chase you over text By Creating a Sense of Mystery

Why It’s Important

Mystery is a critical element of attraction. It engages our natural curiosity and desire to uncover more.

In texting, maintaining a sense of mystery about your life, feelings, and intentions can keep her engaged and intrigued, always guessing what’s next.

How to Do It Right

The key to creating mystery is not to be an open book. Share details about your life gradually and keep some aspects of your personal life and feelings under wraps.

This approach encourages her to keep the conversation going and discover more about you over time.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Common mistakes to avoid to get her to chase you over text


Bombarding her with messages can overwhelm her. Double texting when she does not give a response, overusing emojis will make you appear too needy. Quality over quantity is key in texting; make each message count.

Being Too Available

While it’s important to respond and engage, being too available can make you seem less desirable. Maintain a balance between your texting conversation and your real-life activities

Final Thoughts

Texting is an art form as much as it is science. Doing it right can result in deep connections with a woman.

Keep in mind that it is not just to get her to chase you over text but it is about developing a relationship between two people that is based on mutual interest, respect, and real connection.

You don’t just play a game when using these three texts to further a conversation. You are creating a foundation that is as fulfilling and exciting in real life as it is in texts.

Try these strategies out, personalize them to your style and you will see how the dynamics of interaction will change.

The ability to read the tonality of the text, understanding when to add depth to your conversation, and knowing when to take a step back are all skills that you need to get her to chase you over text.

Ultimately, the deepest connections are the ones that go beyond text where the initial spark is developed into a blossoming relationship.

Use these strategies not as manipulative techniques but use it to grow genuine connections, laying the foundation for intimate relationships that can be meaningful, rewarding, and real.


How often should I text her to keep her interested but not look desperate?

The frequency of your texts should be a balance between showing interest and being able to maintain your priorities.

A good rule of thumb is to follow her texting pace and to adjust to natural ebbs and flows in the conversation. If she replies in a few hours, do so too. It’s about finding the balance so that it’s not repetitive.

What are some interesting questions to ask?

Questions that evoke creativity, self-reflection, or hypothetical scenarios are the best. For example, “Which place have you never been to that you would like to visit and why?”

How can I be fun without being offensive?

Light-hearted, witty, and inclusive humor is the most effective. Avoid jokes that may be misinterpreted or could be offensive. Memes, gifs, and funny stories about your day can be used to add humor to your texts too. If in doubt, ask yourself how you’d feel if the roles were reversed.

Is it right to double-text if she doesn’t respond?

Wait for a response before you send another message. If she is busy, she will answer when she can. Patience is key.

How can I know if she is losing interest while texting?

When she starts to send fewer messages, takes more time to respond, or her text becomes shorter and there is no question asked, these could be signs that she has lost interest. If it does, keep your distance and see if she reaches out again.

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